The Rings of Charlemagne

These are the nine rings of help sent by God with his angel to Pope Leo so he could give them to king Charlemagne for protection against enemies in accordance with what follows. In nomine patris et filio et spiritu sancty Amen.


The first three as follows:
The first three rings and the first protects against all the pranks of the devil and enemies' attacks and troubled mind; the second against sudden death and collapse and all fear of the heart; third against anger of enemies that their minds be troubled when they look at you and may be filled with numbness and turn away.

The second three circles are as follows:
The second three circles and the first are for sword wounds; the second for devilish wiles and not losing one 's way; the third against the wrath of powerful men and all persecution by evil men.

The third three circles are formed as follows:

These third three circles and the first gives victory in legal disputes and popularity among all men; the second for all fear; the third protects against vices of the body and debauchery.

These nine circles shall be born on the breast or on either side when expecting one's enemy.


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