Land-based whale watching project in Strandir

ImageThe non-profit organization Strandagaldur, which also stands behind the Witchcraft Museum project in Strandir, NW-Iceland, has recently started archaeological research in cooperation with the Natural History Institute of the Westfjords on remaining of a Basque Whaling station in Steingrímsfjörður (fjord). The research, which will take several years, gave an idea of how to market the fjord Steingrímsfjörður as the ideal land-based whale watching area in Iceland. In the nearest future (summer 2008) powerful telescopes will be located on special spots around the fjord to watch the whales. A special bonus is rich bird-life and seals. Most of the whale spieces around Iceland are there from spring to autumn. The minke-whale is the whole year round. 

Strandagaldur with help from the local people is doing a research of when it is most likely to see the whales from the seashore and we are hoping to be able to open up the project in the summer 2008. See more information in english at


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