Icelandic folklore tour this winter?

In the winter is the chance to get to know the unknown and hidden parts of Iceland and Icelandic believe. Check out our tour which will be available to join this winter anytime it suits you.
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Don´t worry, it is open

Please dont panic and loose your stress. :)
We are still open and will be the whole wiinter and our small restaurant as well. So, you will be save once you are in Hólmavík in the coming months. ;)

A video from the museum

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Galdrakver (Book of Magic) Lbs. 143,8vo

The Galdrakver (Book of Magic) Lbs. 143,8vo has been repuplished.
The Galdrakver is in 2 vols., the first being a facsimile of the original manuscript, the second containing the Icelandic text and introductions and with Danish, English and German translations.
Edited by Emilía Sigmarsdóttir, Rannver H. Hannesson and Ögmundur Helgason. First puplished in Reykjavík: Landsbókasafn Íslands - Háskólabókasafn 2004.

It is one of only a handful of books of magic extant in Iceland from the 17th Century.

This is the second printing and can be purchased by clicking here.

ISBN 9979-800-40-2

Museum guides in four languages

The Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft has guide in four languages through the museum. In Italian, French, German and English.

Please click here to read the guides.


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