It is unclear whether the following should be included on a list of those executed for witchcraft:

Unnamed woman – 1580

A vague reference in a Danish book refers to a woman burnt for having used tilberi (a peculiar female magic to steal milk from sheep and cows). In 1635 a woman was acquitted after rumours had circulated that she kept a tilberi.

Guðrún Þorsteinsdóttir – 1605

Burnt for having killed a baby by throwing it into a boiling cauldron. No contemporary source directly mentions witchcraft in connection with this case.

Sveinn skotti Axlar-Bjarnarson – 1646

The son of Iceland’s worst mass murderer. After repeated convictions for theft, rape, and sorcery, he was whipped and it was declared that he had forfeited his life if found guilty again. He was hanged for attempted rape.

Jón Jónsson (Ríðumaður) – 1650

Condemned for incest but after he was beheaded he was found to have magical amulets with staves in his shoes. His body was then burnt.

Halldór Finnbogason – 1685

Burnt at Þingvellir for blasphemy. Recited “Our Father who art in Hell” at all his trials.