The museum and restaurant are open:

Entrance fee

Adults 1300 ISK

Students 1000 ISK

Groups (+ 10 people) 1100 ISK per person

Senior and people with disability 1000 ISK

Children and teenagers up to 14 years of age: free entrance


The little town of Holmavik is located by the stunning Steingrímsfjörður (Steingrim’s Fjord) in the Strandir region of the Western Fjords. Holmavik is about 3 hours drive from Reykjavik, 5 hours from Akureyri, and 2,5 hour from Isafjordur, the largest town in the Western Fjords. The Museum of Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft is in an old warehouse by the harbour. When turning from the main road into Holmavik, please keep driving around 1 km/half a mile into town. You will see two black buildings on your right hand and there we are! 

The address is: Höfðagata 8, Hólmavík 


Parking close to the Museum is relatively easy and one parking spot right next to the house is assigned for guests with disability. There is wheelchair access to the main floor of the exhibition and restaurant but unfortunately not to the second floor. Guests using wheelchairs get free entrance into the exhibition.


Some of the exhibition pieces are a little strange, and we do have a zombie in the middle of the exhibition area that sometimes scares our youngest guests.

Galdur Restaurant

Galdur (or “Sorcery”) is a cozy restaurant offering simple and affordable food made of local ingredients. For vegans we recommend the hearty vegetable stew. Reservations are not necessary but if guests wish to book a table please call +354 897 6525 or email: galdrasyning@holmavik.is. 



The museum shop has a good selection of books about magic, runes, and myths. We also stock items inspired by magic staves. The shop is also online. 

Helm of Awe

The garden

Next to the museum is a small grass field,ideal for resting and taking in the views of boats and birds in the Hólmavík harbour. This is also our venue for many events, such as our own Quidditch tournament based on the Harry Potter books. 


Klemus Bjarnason was from Strandir and the last person to be sentenced to burn at the stake for sorcery and witchcraft. The sentence was then overturned and he was exiled. In the Museum garden Klemus now stands and looks out onto the ocean, in a representation by artist Arngrimur Sigurðsson. The statue is made out of driftwood, which was the only timber available in Strandir. 

The exhibition is open all year


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